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    Please read our most recent New Product Bulletin discussing how Tripar now offers customers the option of having their name and/or logo embossed directly into a variety of parts!

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    At Tripar, we produce stamped metal parts for a wide variety of industries in our 65,000 square foot factory located in Montreal, Canada. Specializing in deep drawing, we have equal capabilities in drawing, forming & progressive stamping, performed on over 100 presses up to 200 tons. With over 65 years experience, all tooling is designed & made in-house.

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    Products & Services

    We are best known as a lighting component manufacturer for architectural and commercial lighting OEMs who demand quality and love that we understand lighting as well as metal. See our Catalog for thousands of items we produce for such applications. We also produce stamped metal parts for many other industries in our 65,000 sq. ft. plant.

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    About Us

    At Tripar, we strive to be at the forefront of metal stamping technology, specializing in drawing & deep drawing, with equal capabilities in forming & progressive, converting customer problems into innovative & collaborative solutions quickly, competitively, and at any volume.

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  “ We have been very pleased to find a domestic manufacturer that is, innovative, cost effective and responsive. Tripar has consistently exceeded our expectation.” -Robin Lee, President, Lee Valley Tools Ltd.

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Success Stories

The Problem: A customer of Tripar’s had been buying a spun deep aluminum cylinder (5” diameter, up to 11” long, closed at one end) for approx. $10-$14 each. Having it spun using the same supplier for years, they were pleased with the product, believing that ...

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    Tripar in the News contains press items in which we have been featured.

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  • New Product Bulletins

    Product Bulletins describe and explain our new products, complete with pictures.

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