Success Stories


The Problem: Several of Tripar’s customers asked for a more robust bar hanger solution than its current and hugely popular 1287 bar hangers, all looking for a bar hanger more suitable for commercial applications. Upon visiting one particular customer in January 2016 that asked for ... See more

Ultra-Airtight IC Boxes & Plaster Frames

The Problem: A customer of Tripar had been buying the Reduced Airflow IC Box, but discovered that it did not meet the maximum airflow requirements of a state specification. In this case this was the Florida Building Code, which prescribes 2 CFM max airflow at ... See more

Deep Drawn Aluminum Cylinders

The Problem: A customer of Tripar’s had been buying a spun deep aluminum cylinder (5” diameter, up to 11” long, closed at one end) for approx. $10-$14 each. Having it spun using the same supplier for years, they were pleased with the product, believing that ... See more