The Guides

Recessed Downlight Guide
This guide describes the mechanical aspects of common recessed or downlights, and their requirements to produce Underwriters Laboratories (UL) listed luminaires for the North American market. UL is an American safety consulting and certification company that created UL1598, the principal specification governing luminaires setting the standards for the lighting industry. It is however important to note that companies other than UL are able to test to these standards such as Intertek, and Electrical Testing Laboratory (ETL).

Tripar’s product line however is designed to meet all the mechanical aspects imposed by UL1598. As such, where appropriate, this guide will refer to Tripar specific item numbers and provide links to them.

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CNC Punch/Laser Design Guide
This guide describes all the design and manufacturing possibilities of complete processing with punching tools on our CNC Punch/Laser combination machine. Manufacturing complex parts often requires costly tooling or successive fabrication processes, the combination of which can be very time-consuming & costly. Such components can best be efficiently produced by means of complete processing wherever possible, meaning they are fabricated in one (clamping) operation. This considerably reduces the total processing time & cost.

CNC Punch/Laser combination machines are optimally suited for the complete processing of workpieces, since many features can be achieved in a single operation; punching, laser cutting, tapping, forming, bending, extruding, marking of components, and more!

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